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Awesome Kapias Gardens Goczałkowice

We visit the beautiful 'Kapias' gardens in Goczałkowice (near Pszczyna, southern Poland). They were founded in 1979 and were expanded in the following years - new alleys, attractions and thematic areas appeared. Currently they consist of two parts (the so-called Old and New Gardens), occupy about 40 hectares and contain about 50 thematic areas. You can spend many hours here walking the paths and admiring various and colorful plants. Admission to the gardens is free.

Parking at the Kapias Gardens

In Goczałkowice, at Zimowa Street, next to the entrance to the gardens and at the Kapias Garden Center, there is a medium-sized parking lot where you can park your car (P; GPS: 49.9464939, 18.9527603). If there would be no more free places, there's a larger parking lot located just across the street, so there is a good chance that there will always be a place to park your car. The parking lots are free.

The Kapias Gardens

We go through the entrance gate (A; GPS: 49.946486, 18.952359) and we are already in the garden. It is so-called "New Gardens" because the original gardens became too small at some point and therefore the owner decided to establish a new, larger area. However, the Old Gardens are still to be visited and are located opposite the second parking lot, at St. Anna Street (entrance to the gardens: B; GPS: 49.945649, 18.952773). This time we decided to visit only New Gardens.

After entering the gardens on the right we have a restaurant where we can eat something and relax after returing from visiting the gardens, while on the left there is a small lake with a gazebo. Going further along the main path we pass various themed areas, among which we can for example distinguish the "Country Garden" - it is something like a miniature open-air museum, namely a real country cottage with a small pond, a well and an outbuilding in which the original, old agricultural tools are located. Of course everything is surrounded by rural vegetation. Another interesting place is the "Labyrinth" made of hedges - an attraction not only for children but also for adults. We also have a "Winter Garden" with something like an artificial igloo - it must look interesting in winter, when the snow covers everything. Going further we pass a very nice English garden on the right, and then an interesting hut reminding us of the Hobbit cottage, built at another small pond, in which a lot of frogs live. Finally we reach the "Mediterranean Alley", where we notice a blooming lavender, quite nice considering a different climate in this area compared to Southern France or Italy. We return through the "Clematis Wall", i.e. an area covered with various interesting vines. We've listed just a few examples of themed places developed in the gardens. There are many more places in New Gardens - exactly 35. Adding 16 places in Old Gardens we have 51 areas to explore - an ambitious plan to be carried out for the whole day :).

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