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Nové Hrady - the palace, Czechia (Czech Republic)

The Nové Hrady palace is located in a small town of the same name, located in the Pardubice region, near the towns of Vysoké Mýto and Litomyšl. It's an interesting building in rococo style with a large English landscape park.

Parking in Nové Hrady

We park in a nearby parking lot (P1; GPS: 49.851998, 16.143822, about 100 meters from the palace. We walk the main street a short while and then turn left onto the road leading to the palace. On both sides of the road we can see a monuments, guarding the entrance to the palace.

The palace

The building in the rococo style was built in the second half of the eighteenth century and is based on French architecture, however the park itself is in English style. Due to its beauty the palace was called the small Czech Versailles. In the palace we can find a permanent exhibition of historical furniture (from baroque to cubism), from the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague. There is a first Czech museum of cycling in the granary - the largest collection of bicycles and cycling equipment in Czech Republic. Since 2001, the palace is classified as national cultural monument of Czechia.

Toulovcovy maštale

Nearby there is also a very interesting nature reserve called "Toulovcovy maštale". It's a great place for cycling and walking, a unique complex of bizarre sandstone formations, canyons and rock towns with lots of hiking trails. You can park the car on a small parking lot in the village Bor u Skutče (P2; GPS: 49.822723, 16.127273) and then go the green, red and yellow hiking trails (P2123).

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