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Livorno, Tuscany, Italy

We were once in Tuscany, in Lido di Camaiore, and then we went on a longer trip along the coast, in southern direction to Populonia. On the way we visited Castiglioncello with a beautiful castle, as well as the city of Livorno. We earlier have heard that its port (the second largest in Italy) makes a very big impression. In addition, we should have expected interesting channels in the city, that were modeled on Venice. What came out of it, you'll find out below.

Parking in Livorno

Because we considered the famous port in Livorno to be the biggest attraction, we decided to park the car there, and then, after visiting the port, go to the city center on foot. In fact, right at the port there is a paid parking lot where you can leave your car (P; GPS: 43.553388, 10.303053).

The port in Livorno

The port in Livorno is really impressive, especially for those who have not been in such a place yet. The port occupies a large area. You can walk there using the designated roads. To reach further positions, go through the drawbridge (A; GPS: 43.551304, 10.301868). Just at the time we were there, the bridge was opened so that the coastguard boat could pass. Being in the port, we were able to look at the huge cruise ships, as well as smaller ferries that regularly sail to Sardinia and Corsica.

At the port itself there is a complex of historic buildings called the Vecchia fortress (B; GPS: 43.551994, 10.302709) - it is a castle built in the 14th century, which was then extended to protect the port of Livorno from uninvited guests.

The city

After visiting the port we went to the city center trying to go along the canals. On the way, we visited the interesting church Chiesa di Santa Caterina (C; GPS: 43.554775, 10.308229) from the 18th century. Unfortunately, the walk itself was not as refreshing as one would expect. The canals themselves are quite neglected, there are plenty of boats on them, and sometimes an unpleasant odor rises. Although Venice also didn't always smell well, however, those channels in Venice were much more romantic and prettier.

In the city center, near the City Hall (D; GPS: 43.552070, 10.308305), and adjacent streets, there are very nice, renovated tenement houses. We however couldn't find here the atmosphere typical for the Italian towns that can be found in many other places. There are of course nice shops, but probably the lack of interesting tourist spots and the tourists themselves makes this city somehow boring. We have experienced the city as a bit "cold" and even not suiting to Tuscany. Apparently there are some beaches here, but we have not even tried to find them. Regardless, if you stay nearby, go to Livorno - the port itself is worth it. Or maybe you will have a different, better opinion about the city itself?

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