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Castiglioncello and Populonia, Tuscany, Italy


Driving from Livorno to the south you can stop in Castiglioncello. There is very nice Pasquini Castle (A; GPS: 43.405385, 10.412673) in the town located about 15 km south od Livorno. This is a wonderful architectural attraction, beautifully restored. It brightens up the town and gives to it "ancient" weight. Don't forget also to visit the surrounding park - nice and quiet - to enjoy a moment of tranquility and fresh. You can easily leave your car in the adjacent parking place (P1; GPS: 43.406836, 10.413687).


Populonia is a very miniature town, located on the Mediterranean coast of Tuscany, near Piombino.

To the village leads a road, winding around the hill. At the end of the road you can find a parking (fee in the time of our visit: 2€) (P2; GPS: 42.989263, 10.490296), where you can leave your car. Parking lot is located next to the vantage point (B; GPS: 42.989483, 10.489984), which gives you an interesting view of the Gulf of Baratti. You can get an even better view from the tower of the fortress (C; GPS: 42.989691, 10.490934).

There is practically only one street in the village, accessible for tourists. It has a length of only a few hundred meters. You can also visit a medieval fortress from the first half of the fifteenth century. There are a few souvenir shops and restaurants in the village. The Populonia area is known of monuments, related to Etruscan culture (for example you can visit the archaeological park).

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