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Boulbon, Provence, France

Boulbon is a small Provencal village located between Tarascon and Avignon. It has old fortifications that protected the village from attacks. On the hill you can see very romantic ruins of the castle. The whole area is just a great place for hikers, mushroom pickers and even hunters.

Parking in Boulbon

We arrive to the village on the D35 road, then we turn at the roundabout into the road leading to the center and park the car in a large parking lot at Place Gilles Leontin (P; GPS: 43.861186, 4.692516). The parking is free.

Strolling Boulbon

We walk down the Rue de l'Église street in the northern direction. On the left we pass the church of Saint Joseph (A; GPS: 43.862202, 4.693168) from the second half of nineteenth century. Then we get to the building which is the seat of local government. Behind it we can see interesting gate Porte Loriol (B; GPS: 43.863034, 4.693544), built in 1253. This gate allows us to enter the Grand Rue street which leads near the ruins of the castle. We can also immediately turn left into a side street Impasse Jollion to see the former church of Saint Anne from 1628 (C; GPS: 43.862974, 4.694007), currently housing a library. The ruins of the feudal fortress of eleventh century can be admired also from the southern side - just walk down the street Rue du Château to the place where the asphalt ends (D; GPS: 43.861849, 4.695058). If you want you can also go to the chapel of Saint-Marcellin (E; GPS: 43.866090, 4.690614), which was the first parish church in Boulbon and dates from eleventh century. From there you can also walk to the Bonnet windmill from eighteenth century (F; GPS: 43.865085, 4.695104), which you can get using the existing path.

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