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Suvereto, Tuscany, Italy

Suvereto is one of the most beautiful villages in Tuscany, located among olive groves and vineyards. The little town is full of old buildings, narrow streets, and at the same time clean and tidy. It is worth arriving here and spending a few hours walking around this quiet and peaceful village.

Parking in Suvereto

We came to Suvereto on the local roads from Massa Marittima that we visited earlier. We were therefore worried, whether there would be free places in the parking lot. It however turned out that it was possible to park easily on a fairly large park lot located at Viale Giosuè Carducci (P, GPS: 43.0784447, 10.6773389).

Pieve di San Giusto

After leaving the parking lot we head to the gate leading to the old town. On the left we pass a very interesting, old church of Pieve di San Giusto from the 10th century (A; GPS: 43.0780178, 10.6785031). It was built in the Romanesque style and has some Byzantine decorations. There is also a museum of sacred art that exhibits interesting paintings, sculptures and other liturgical things.

Palazzo Pretorio

We go through the gate (B; GPS: 43.078285, 10.678621) and then we are already inside the old town area. We are surrounded by old buildings decorated with colorful flowers. We go along street Via Magenta, then turn right and head towards interesting Palazzo Pretorio building (C; GPS: 43.079158, 10.679092) located in square Piazza dei Giudici. This building was formerly a headquarters of so-called Captain of Justice. The Captain of Justice was responsible for the town's administration, its defense and public order. This position existed in Italy from the Middle Ages to the beginning of the 19th century. Currently there is an town archives, a library, a museum and an art gallery in the Palazzo Pretorio.

Then we go to the nearby square Piazza Gabriele D'Annunzio with a nice coconut palm growing on it and head right to the vantage point from which we can admire the landscapes of surroundings of the town (D; GPS, 43.0787750, 10.6800158).

Rocca Aldobrandesca

Walking the path and stairs leading up we approach the Rocca Aldobrandesca - a fortress built in the 12th century (E: GPS: 43.0794653, 10.6800300). The Aldobrandeschi family built such fortresses in various towns, for example in Sovana, Arcidosso, Orbetello and Castiglione d'Orcia. In the case of Suvereto we are dealing with fairly well preserved and protected ruins of the building and a small square in front of it. You can enter the ruins (only the ground level available, the building is without a roof).

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