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Saint-Restitut, Provence, France

The town of Saint-Restitut is located about 20 kilometers west of Valréas, 30 km north of Orange, in the Provencal Drôme. It's quiet and peaceful place, surrounded by gentle hills, where in summer you can hear the sounds of cicadas.

Access and parking in Saint-Restitut

A local, fairly narrow (but quite adequate for our needs) road (D859) leads to the town. You can park the car in the large public parking lot located in the southern part of the village (P1; GPS: 44.331349, 4.790996). We however came to the center and stopped at a small square surrounded by buildings (P2; GPS: 44.331129, 4.789378). You can also use another square near the western limits of the village (P3; GPS: 44.330685, 4.788570). The distances between parking lots are so small that every place where we leave the car will be good.

Touring the village

After leaving the car we head to the town's center, where the church of Saint-Restitut is located (A; GPS: 44.331426, 4.789233). It was built in twelfth century in Romanesque-Provencal style. Then we walk narrow streets admiring nice Renaissance houses with interesting ornaments, stone arches which join together the walls, and rich vegetation near surrounding buildings. Also worth a visit is the chapel from the early sixteenth century, located about 500 meters north of the town (B; GPS: 44.335092, 4.789621). This hexagonal building was built by Guillaume Adhemar, bishop of Tricastin, after his return from the Holy Land. Like the church, it's a historical monument. Being in town you can also try the local wines. The whole area is perfect for walking or mountain biking.

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