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Collobrières, French-Riviera, France

The village of Collobrières can be called the capital of the Maures Massif and is really worthy of the name, because it is located in its very heart. Although there is an asphalt road leading to the village, it is quite narrow and sometimes located very close to abyss, so the village should be visited only by those drivers who already have some experience and no fear of heights ;).

How to get there

There is only one route D14 leading to the village. You can come to the village from Pierrefeu-du-Var or Grimaud. As already mentioned, drivers without experience should consider whether they really want to go there (and if their passengers also will not panic ;). Of course, if you decide to go to Collobrières, the driving experiences are unique!

Parking in Collobrières

Through the village flows small stream called Réal Collobrier. There is a small bridge Pont Raoul Calvi (A; GPS: 43.238247, 6.309194) built over it, dated to the twelfth century. It is still working and you can use it to move to the parking lot (P; GPS: 43.238216, 6.308609) located next to the church of Saint-Pons, which was built in similar time.

A town of chestnuts

The town is surrounded by vineyards, cork oaks and chestnut trees. It is generally considered as the capital of the chestnut. Existing plant (B; GPS: 43.238718, 6.308966) produces candied chestnuts for many decades. At the end of October the town hosts a festival of chestnuts.

Nearby the stream there are also located some buildings that house several restaurants. On the platforms, built over a stream, are located tables, where you can enjoy tasty meals. We recommend the restaurant des Maures (C; GPS: 43.237512, 6.308325). Food prices start at 12 €. More courageous persons can try the frog's legs in a garlic sauce :). For the dessert, you should absolutely try chestnut ice cream.

Next to the Lazare Carnot street there is de la Libération Square (D; GPS: 43.237410, 6.308990) with beautiful fountain and a building which is a seat of local government.

The town is a great starting point for trips to the Maures Massif, as well as a staging point for cyclists. Being there a few times we always encountered not even individual cyclists, but whole groups which then occupied most of the tables in the restaurants :).

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