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Le Lavandou, French Riviera, France

Le Lavandou is a holiday resort located about 20 km east of Hyères and about 40 km west of Saint-Tropez. Once we arrived at Le Lavandou in the late afternoon to spend there a night in one of small hotels. We took advantage of the opportunity and we visited the local beach, which - according to rumors - is very pretty.

In fact, there was no exaggeration: good sand, nice color of the sea, pleasant views - in short, everything you need there to spend a good time. The surrounding landscape is also quite interesting and diverse - many pine trees grow there and different rocks arise from the sea. Unfortunately we didn't have time to go to the town and its marina - we filmed it only from a distance.

Parking in Le Lavandou

If you want to stay here for a short time, you can park your car near the beach at Boulevard de la Baleine (P1; GPS: 43.141007, 6.381186) or at the side street Place des Pins Penchés (P2; GPS: 43.141343, 6.380701).

Tropical garden in La Londe-les-Maures

Continuing our journey we visited interesting tropical garden ("Jardin Zoologique Tropical") in the next day. It's located nearby La Londe-les-Maures, at a distance of about 12 kilometers from Le Lavandou. We parked in the parking lot at the garden (P3; GPS: 43.147656, 6.255250). The garden itself is located on an area of ​​5 hectares and you can find there more than 250 different exotic animals (monkeys, lemurs, tropical birds etc.). Additionally, there is one of most beautiful arboretums in south-eastern France in this garden.

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