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Cassis, Provence, France

Cassis was formerly a fishing village that has become one of the more attractive coastal towns of the Calanques. Once the inhabitants were fishing - today they live from tourism. Tourists are encouraged to visit beautiful, wild landscapes. Cassis has a nice harbor surrounded by colorful houses. There are also some interesting beaches where you can spend many hours.

The settlement has been attacked and destroyed many times in the past. In the 13th century it became the property of the lords of Les Baux-de-Provence. From the 15th century to the end of the 18th century, it belonged to the bishop of Marseille.

Parking in Cassis

The Parking Savon is located at the port itself (P1; GPS: 43.2134171, 5.5381992). From there, we are literally a few meters to the main beach "de la Grande Mer". Another parking lot is located about 100 meters from the port and is called Parking de la Poste (P2; GPS: 43.2141642, 5.5407569). There is a post office nearby, as the name suggests.

Beaches in the area

In the village you can sunbathe on one of the several nice beaches. The main beach "de la Grande Mer" (A; GPS: 43.2129365, 5.5375975) is almost always crowded, but a quieter place can always be found on the nearby rocks. Beach "du Corton" (B; GPS: 43.2106723, 5.5450363) is located on the eastern outskirts of the town, but there is quite a large parking lot right next to it, so you can park there. The other beach, "de l'Arène" (C; GPS: 43.2086308, 5.5484187) is located even further to the east, outside the town. There is also a parking lot in its vicinity (however not very large). A nice beach is also in the western part of the town - it's "Plage de Bestouan" (D; GPS: 43.2130439, 5.5311587). There's a large parking lot right next to it.

Sightseeing of the port and the town

You can also, what we like best, take a walk and look around the town. We start from the port itself. If you are there in the morning you will be able to buy fresh fish from the fishermen (if of course you live nearby and have a refrigerator). You can walk along the Aristide Briand promenade to the very lighthouse (E; GPS: 43.2130285, 5.5338264). Then you go back and can have a coffee in one of the many cafes by the port, such as Le Bistrot de Nino or Monsieur Brun. You then delve into the labyrinth of narrow streets of the old town and reach the pretty church of St. Michael (F; GPS: 43.2156552, 5.5380709) from the 19th century.

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