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Vacqueyras, Provence, France

Vacqueyras is a Provencal town located about 30 km northeast of Avignon and 10 km northwest of Carpentras. It is known mainly for the production of white and red wines (Vacqueyras AOC) - there is a vast area of vineyards that surrounds this town. The village is small, but you can visit it if you are nearby.

The parking in Vacqueyras

A quite large and well-kept parking lot is located at Chemin du Moulin (P, GPS: 44.138802, 4.981155), right next to the old church. You can easily park your car here - there are many free places, because the town is not visited by many tourists.

Strolling the town

As we already mentioned, nearby the parking lot you van find an old church (A, GPS: 44.138329, 4.982008) with an interesting sun clock placed on one of its walls. Next to the church stands a castle from the 14th century (B, GPS: 44.138236, 4.982493) with a nice tower. Because we are in the highest place of the town, we slowly go down the narrow streets. The town is very quiet and peaceful, even cats prefer to sleep than chase after mice. Finally, we leave the ornate gate and then we can admire the alley planted with nice plane trees (C, GPS: 44.138598, 4.983275). The town stretches a little eastwards - we can, for example, approach the town hall (D, GPS: 44.137808, 4.984384). If someone wants to taste (and buy) local wine, there should be no problems - there are many vineyards and specialized stores in the town.

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