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Rudy Wielkie: Cistercian abbey & landscape park, Poland

More than 700-year-old Cistercian monastery and palace complex is a former historic Romanesque-Gothic Cistercian abbey in Rudy - a village located in Racibórz County in Silesia. It was founded in 1253 by Prince Ladislaus of Opole, who brought the Cistercians from Jędrzejów to Rudy. Next to the monastery building you can find the area of outstanding natural beauty - a huge landscape park.

Parking in Rudy Wielkie

The Cysterska Street leads to the abbey. We parked in the parking lot at the road, under the branchy trees (P1; GPS: 50.193333, 18.448141). There is also another, huge parking lot located a little farther (P2; GPS: 50.194211, 18.447162). Generally, there is a lot of parking places in this area.

The Abbey and the landscape park

The abbey consists of old Basilica of the Assumption from the fourteenth century with the Cistercian monastery and palace complex. The tourists can visit also the interiors of the abbey, but a strange thing is that there's no permission for filming inside (even for amateurs like us). Once we even asked for such consent to the director of the center, but didn't receive any response to our e-mail - it's a pity, since we'd for sure show this place at the bright side. Anyway, after visiting the basilica we walked around the abbey while enjoying well-kept buildings (we were able to even enter the courtyard which was opened at this time), as well as historic oak "Cistercian" in the age of about 450 years, and with a height of 32 meters and a trunk circumference of 720 cm, located behind the monastery (1; GPS: 50.194213, 18.449334).

In addition to the abbey, the visitors can also admire beautiful landscape park located in the picturesque area, where the river Ruda flows. We walked up a path between a pond and the Ruda river. Then we crossed the bridge (2; GPS: 50.197275, 18.447940) and came to the roads fork where a little shrine is located (3; GPS: 50.197989, 18.450461). We returned the same route, but this time we went the pond around the other side and came to the road(4; GPS: 50.1951681, 18.4465625). The place is a haven for birds and other animals - for example, we have seen woodpeckers and nuthatches.

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