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Nysa, Poland

We visit Nysa - a very interesting town in southern Poland. Nysa was founded in 10th century, which is why - despite the war damages - it has preserved interesting historical buildings, especially beautiful beautiful tenements on the market square, town hall with a characteristic tower and a church with a separate belfry building.

Parking in Nysa

We can park the car near the town's center, on a paid parking lot at Piastowska street (P1; GPS: 50.475062, 17.331099). Another parking lot is available on the opposite side of the old town, at Kraszewskiego street (P2; GPS: 50.472694, 17.339554).

The market square

There is a very nice Renaissance fountain of Tryton (A; GPS: 50.472469, 17.332634) near the market square, at Bracka street, built at the beginning of the 18th century following the model of the Fontana del Tritone located in Rome. It is one of the most valuable monuments of Nysa and makes a really big impression. We go to the market square, where we can see a very nicely renovated Town Scales House from 1604 (B; GPS: 50.473210, 17.332751), an interesting town hall from the 14th century with a very high tower (which can be reached by a lift - the price is 5 PLN) and of course the monumental Basilica of St. James and St. Agnes, whose interiors look really amazing on a sunny day, when the sun's rays penetrate the windows inside. An interesting fact is that the church has one of the most sloping roofs in Europe. Next to the church there is a belfry, never completed (it was supposed to have a much higher height). Inside, there is the St. James Treasury, a collection of goldsmiths' masterpieces.

The complex of church buildings can be seen from all sides. Looking from the north, at Lüdinghausen Square we got into a nice square with trees that have just blossomed. Near the market square, on Wrocławska street (C; GPS: 50.474968, 17.333845), you can notice the so-called Beautiful Well with an exceptionally elaborate casing made of forged grating, created in 1686.

The towers

In Nysa you can also admire a few characteristic towers. At Wrocławska Street there is the White Tower of the Wrocław Gate (D; GPS: 50.476520, 17.334883), and next to the parking lot where we parked, the Ziębice Gate Tower in dark brick color (E; GPS: 50.474438, 17.330652).

Other interesting sights

At Salt Market (F; GPS: 50.4724547, 17.3366161) you can find one of the oldest and most beautiful monuments of the early Baroque - early Baroque church of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, as well as the whole Jesuit building complex (the seminary, the college building and gymnasium), as well as the Mother House of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Elizabeth.

Being in Nysa, we also approached the St. Hedwig Bastion (G; GPS: 50.476085, 17.331912), which is one of the elements of the fortress defense of the town. Currently, inside exist various exhibitions and a tourist route. However, we did not go inside, because we will devote a completely separate visit to this beautiful town to get to the fort complex.

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