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Moszna Castle (Schloss Moschen), Poland

The castle (palace) in Moszna (German: Schloss Moschen) is an exceptionally impressive and beautiful former residence of the Tiele-Winckler family, located in the village of Moszna, near Krapkowice, in the Opole province. The building in the style of a baroque palace was erected in the mid-18th century. Since then, however, many modifications have been made, among others due to a fire that broke out in 1896. Apparently, the palace has 90 towers (but we haven't managed to count that many), and around it there is a beautiful park with interesting, awesome English oaks and rhodondrons. Once there was a neurosis therapy facility in the palace, now there is a good hotel and a restaurant.

Parking in Moszna nearby castle

We reach the village by road 409. Then we turn into Zamkowa or Wiejska street (depending on which side we were driving from) and after about 400 meters we are at the main parking lot (P1; GPS: 50.437223, 17.766896), from which we also have approx. 400 meters on foot to the castle. The parking lot is quite large, in our opinion there is a place for at least 60-70 cars. The price of the parking lot is 5 zł per whole day.

If you come later, you may have a problem with parking places, but don't worry - there is another, private parking at the Wiejska street (P2; GPS: 50.436095, 17.769637). We could see that it still had plenty of vacancies while the main parking lot was fully occupied. We don't know the price, but we wouldn't be surprised if it was the same as at the main parking lot. In small towns, parking prices are often synchronized with each other to not compete unnecessarily.

Getting to the castle, buying tickets

It is enough to walk about 400 meters from the parking lot along Zamkowa street to reach the palace. You will see a barrier with a booth next to it. However, you won't buy tickets there - you have to go straight ahead and then go left. The actual cash desk is located at the gate surrounding the palace area (K1; GPS: 50.440335, 17.767889). This cash register has two windows, and you can pay by card there. Ticket prices depend on whether we want to see the castle from the outside and visit the park, or enter the interior. In the case of the park visiting, the prices are 14 zł for normal ticket, 9 zł for reduced ticket; interior sightseeing: 33 zł normal ticket, 21 zł reduced ticket (as of 2022). More information on the website of the castle. Interestingly - on weekends there is one more ticket office located a little further on the right, next to another gate (K2; GPS: 50.439375, 17.769306). There you can also pay by card.

Visiting the castle in Moszna

The castle in Moszna is really impressive. It looks as if it was transferred straight from some fantasy novel or a fairy tale. Each of its elements is different in terms of architecture, and at the same time everything is combined into a uniform and at the same time not cheeky wholeness. This time we bought tickets to visit the castle from the outside and walk in the park, but we also went inside to go to the restaurant. The interior of the restaurant is beautiful - a real wood, a sumptuous fireplace, ornate walls and stairs. You can also sit on the terrace and have a great coffee or eat yummy ice creams, which are served from the stand in the form of a converted French Citroen delivery truck. In June, lavender blooms beautifully around the palace, and then comes the time for colorful coneflowers, which are besieged by bees, bumblebees and other flying creatures.

The main entrance to entire structure is located on the south-west side, so if you would like to go to a restaurant, use it. On the opposite side, the castle is decorated with beautiful stairs and the fountain surrounded by flower beds. Further on, there is a park to which the path leads. If you follow it, you'll reach the place where the monument of the castle owner - Hubert von Tiele-Winckler (A; GPS: 50.4446656, 17.7727750) was located. Unfortunately, only a plinth and a commemorative plaque remained. The path branches out and continues deeper into the park. If you want to go further, it is worth having a map uploaded to your smartphone to know which direction you are going. The park is quite extensive and densely covered with trees, and the paths cross very often and are similar to each other. By accident, you could go the wrong way.

Among the curiosities in the park, we can also mention the solitary Weymouth pine, which is about 200 years old (B; GPS: 50.440466, 17.769430). It is a natural monument, adequately reinforced with supports and ropes so that it didn't get damaged. It is one of the symbols of this place. It's good that the tree could continue to grow properly.

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