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Mornas, Provence, France

Mornas is a small Provencal town located about 40 km north of Avignon. The town contains old buildings and interesting gates, with the most interesting the gate of Saint-Nicholas. Additionally there is a fortress above the old town of Mornas (Forteresse de Mornas), well visible from the highway. It's possible to visit it.

Parking in Mornas

The town is located at the N7 national road. There is also a free parking nearby, where you can park your car (P1; GPS: 44.2017317, 4.7267692). Then just cross the road and you are already in the town's area.

The old town

We go down the street Cours des Platanes to Place de la Fontaine, where we find a really nice fountain. To go to the old town, you have to go through an interesting Saint-Nicholas gate from the 14th century (A; GPS: 44.202098, 4.728555).

As usual in this type of town, we are welcomed by a tangle of narrow streets. We walk the Grand Rue street passing the town hall (B; GPS: 44.203053, 4.727581) and the St Georges church from the 19th century (C; GPS: 44.203518, 4.727670). There are typical Provencal fountains on the small squares. From a distance you can see the hill where the Fortesse de Mornas was built. Typical for such a village is that we do not meet any of the residents along the way. It seems that all town's life is concentrated in these hours at Café de la Poste (D; GPS: 44.202009, 4.728190). We also went there and had a coffee and a sweet dessert.

Forteresse de Mornas

The Mornas fortress (E; GPS: 44.2055456, 4.7290289) was built in the 11th century. Its owners were at the beginning the counts of Toulouse. However at the end of the sixteenth century the fortress gradually fell into oblivion and omission. Its reconstruction started in 1977 and it continues to this day.

The fortress can be visited - the ticket prices for adults: 5€, and for children up to 11 years old: 3€ (as of 2018 - please always check the current prices on the website). Near the fortress there is a parking lot where you can leave your car (P2; GPS: 44.2040072, 4.7302036). Then follow the path leading to the ruins of fortress.

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