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Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt is considered to be one of the most beautiful towns in Austria. It is a real gem of the Salzburg Alps. The town is picturesquely situated on Lake Hallstätter See, and the peaks of Hohe Sieg (1,151 m above sea level) and Hühnerkogel (1,386 m above sea level) look down on it. Historically, the town was the center of salt extraction (there is an old salt mine in the area, suitable for sightseeing). Currently, it is inhabited by less than 1,000 permanent residents, who mainly "live off tourists". There is no wonder, the place is indeed beautiful and worth visiting (but rather in beautiful weather - once we were there on a cloudy, foggy day and we don't remember this stay very well).

Parking in Hallstatt

The two-storey parking lot is located on Lahnstrasse (P1; GPS: 47.5622447, 13.6478983), which is in fact a tunnel passing through the mountain next to the town. The tunnel at some point forks to form a parking lot - an interesting idea! Apparently, you can park for free up to 90 minutes. If someone does not keep time, he can find a fine of 30€ behind the windshield wiper. Another parking lot (15 spaces) is located in the town itself (P2; GPS: 47.5632546, 13.6494817) at Landungsplatz.

Walk around the town

In fact, the town is small and you can visit it quite quickly. First of all, it is worth going to the shore of the lake to see what the buildings look like. You can also take a boat trip on Hallstätter See to admire the town from a distance. Price for this attraction: 14€ (as of 2022).

The museum (A; GPS: 47.5619497, 13.6489725) and the church Maria Himmelfahrt - Maria am Berg (B; GPS: 47.5634464, 13.6488356) are also worth visiting. If you want to eat something sweet and drink coffee, visit Cafe Derbl (C; GPS: 47.5625486, 13.6493344) located in the center of the town. The products are made on the spot and really tasty.

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