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Gattières, French Riviera, France

Gattières is a nice, old village where you can discover beautiful medieval streets, small flowered squares and some fountains. This village is perched above the river Var and is located under the chain of mountains in beautiful scenery, just 20 minutes from Nice, close to Carros and Vence. You can drop in for a moment on the occasion of transit to another destination or to visit it if you happened to live nearby.

Parking in Gattières

We stop at a fairly large parking lot (P; GPS: 43.760699, 7.175479) at the foot of a small old town. There is a lot of space, so do not worry about problems with free parking places.

Strolling the old town

Gattières offers a small medieval old town for tourists. You can go there via the Rue Torrin et Grassi street. When you go in this direction you can see the mayor's office (A; GPS: 43.760309, 7.176793) on the left. The buildings surround a central place situated on a top of a hill, where the church of Saint Nicholas from the thirteenth century (B; GPS: 43.760785, 7.177732) is located. Along the way we pass small squares decorated with flowers and medieval fountains, which once served as a source of drinking water for the citizens. As usual in such towns, every building is different and therefore walking the narrow streets is not tedious or boring.

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