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Bolsena, Lazio, Italy

Bolsena is a town in the Lazio region located on the shore of Lake Bolsena. It is famous for the fortress of Monaldeschi, the church of Saint Christina of Bolsena, and the miracle that occurred there in 1263, when a Bohemian priest reported bleeding from the host he had consecrated at Mass. The Cathedral in Orvieto was built to commemorate the miracle and house the Corporal of Bolsena.

The access and parking in Bolsena

You can visit both Bolsena and Orvieto on the same day. We exited the highway E35 at Orvieto, and then movet to the southwest using local roads SS71, SP53 and SP54. In Bolsena we parked the car in the parking lot located on the southern side of the old town (P; GPS: 42.644436, 11.984821).

Rocca Monaldeschi

To reach the Monaldeschi fortress (A; GPS: 42.646138, 11.985431) from the twelfth century, first we walk down the Via Antonio Gramsci street in the northwest direction, and then after about 300 meters we turn right into streets Via Francesco Cozza and Via Chiesa Nuova, which lead us to the top of the hill, where we find the buildings of the castle and nearby church Chiesa di San Salvatore (B; GPS: 42.646653, 11.985929). From this place we also have the opportunity to enjoy spectacular views of the lake with turquoise water and the hills surrounding the city.

Basilica di Santa Cristina

We walk the narrow streets of the Old Town, for example Via del Medici. Then we go through Piazza Matteotti square (C; GPS: 42.644453, 11.986991), and finally alley Corso della Republica. After leaving it we can see the Basilica di Santa Cristina (D; GPS: 42.643530, 11.989298) in all its glory. Unfortunately, during our stay the church was closed and we could not visit it inside.

In short: to see/visit

  • the Rocca Monaldeschi castle,
  • Basilica di Santa Cristina,
  • the Bolsena lake,
  • Acquario di Bolsena,
  • Enoteca Aenos,
  • La Medusa,
  • Museo Territoliale Del Lago Di Bolsena,
  • Chiesa di San Salvatore,
  • Area Archeologica di Poggio Moscini,
  • Pietre Lanciate.

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