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Sigale, French Riviera, France

Sigale is a perched village located in the hinterland (Maritime Alps), surrounded by olive groves, distinguished by mild and sunny climate. Its old medieval fortifications overlook majestic valleys Estéron and Riolan. We stopped in the town for a moment while driving to our destination, which was Entrevaux.

Parking in Sigale

Through the village leads the D17 road. We stop in the parking lot at the entrance to the town (P; GPS: 43.873129, 6.964043), and then we go on foot to the center.

Walk through Sigale

There is not too much to explore. We get to the center of town where we find a small square (A; GPS: 43.871968, 6.964685) with a fountain from the sixteenth century, and the seat of local government. Nearby we can notice nice building of the Saint Michel church in the architecture of the Romanesque style of Provence. We continue westward and reach the limits of the town (B; GPS: 43.871813, 6.963039), with a beautiful views of the Riolan valley.

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