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Oravský Podzamok, Slovakia

Oravský Podzámok is a small village situated near the Polish border (35 km), located in the valley of the river Orava, on the border of two geographical areas: Orava Magura (Oravská Magura) and Foothills Orava (Oravská Vrchovina). The village is considered one of the oldest in this area.

Parking in Oravský Podzámok

You can park the car outside the center of the village, in the quite big parking lot near the river Orava (P; GPS: 49.259712, 19.359422). Then we walk down the street leading next to the church of St. John of Nepomuk (A; GPS: 49.260153, 19.358283) towards the center.

The Orava Castle

In the village you can find famous Orava Castle (Slovak: Oravský hrad, Hungarian: Árva vára, German: Arwaburg) (B; GPS: 49.261842, 19.358680), which is rated as one of the most interesting castles in Slovakia. Built on the rock, is beautifully towering above the village, 112 meters above the river Orava. The tickets are available in the building located at the beginning of the path leading to the castle (C; GPS 49.261654, 19.357537). Ticket prices (as for 2021): normal: 9€, reduced: 4.5€; children under 6 years old visit the castle for free. For the opportunity of taking pictures or filming you have to pay an amount of respectivey 3€ or 5€ (a little bit less compared to Demanovska Caves of Liberty!). More information on the castle website.

The museum of aristocratic carriages and sleighs

In the village there is also a museum of aristocratic carriages and sleighs (Slovak: Múzeum šľachtických kočiarov a saní) (D; GPS: 49.260664, 19.357046), containing a unique collection (21 vehicles) of carriages for the gentry and the townspeople. Ticket prices: normal: 2€; seniors pay 1.50€, children and students 1.10€. The museum is open only in the months between May and August. More information as usual on the museum's website (note: only in Slovak language).

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