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Monaco - Monte-Carlo

Monte Carlo is a district of Monaco, known primarily from the casino. There are however many other interesting objects, which are also worth a visit.

Parking in Monte Carlo

You may leave your car in the underground parking lot de Casino (P; GPS: 43.739926, 7.427319). The exit leads to a small park (A; GPS: 43.740468, 7.426693), from which you can go straight to the casino.

The Casino

The casino (GPS: 43.739170, 7.427922) was built in 1863 and since then is the primary source of income for the Grimaldi family and important part of the economy of Monaco. Opposite the main entrance there are fountains, surrounded by flowers and palm trees. Around the casino has been built magnificent hotels and shops. There is also famous Café de Paris (note - the price of a small cup of espresso: 4€).

Salle Garnier

To the entertainment complex belongs also the opera of Monte Carlo (GPS: 43.739375, 7.428914), known as the Salle Garnier. The facade of the building is facing the Port Hercules. Carved and inlaid elements were created in Venice. Three pillars support the copper dome with steel structure designed by Gustave Eiffel. For the foundation walls was used stone from La Turbie.

Church of St. Devote

After walking about 500 meters down the Av. d'Ostende street in the direction of the main port we come to the church of St. Devote (GPS: 43.737434, 7.421082), patron saint of the Principality of Monaco. According to the tradition, the bride - wife of the Prince of Monaco, leaves her wedding bouquet in this church after the wedding ceremony.

The Japanese Garden

We return using the same way. Following the Av. de Monte-Carlo street and later the Av. de Spelugues street, we go to the Av. Princesse Grace street, from which we can enter the Japanese Garden (GPS: 43.741809, 7.430674). On the surface of 7000m2 grow interesting plants and stand other elements in accordance with the principles of Zen philosophy. The garden was designed at the request of Prince Rainer, who in turn met the request of Princess Grace. Admission to the garden is free.

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