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La Turbie, French Riviera, France

La Turbie is a picturesque medieval town on the French Riviera, situated on a hill with a beautiful view of the whole Monaco area. La Turbie is mostly known because of the impressive construction called Trophée des Alpes (Trophy of Augustus, Tropaeum Alpium) - a commemorative monument built in honor of the Roman Emperor Augustus on the occasion of his crucial victory over the ancient tribes who lived in the Alps.

Parking in La Turbie

Driving the D2564 road we just noticed a small parking lot (P1; GPS: 43.748971, 7.402776) on its left side, located about 500 meters from the town's center so we left the car there. On the Côte d'Azur you have to use every opportunity to park your car, because such a chance would not happen again. There are of course more better parking lots in the town (nearby the vantage point to see Monaco P2; GPS: 43.745816, 7.403166 and a newly built parking garage "Du Mont Agel" P3; GPS: 43.746712, 7.400964), but you should expect many cars there in the tourist season.

Trophée des Alpes

The medieval Old Town is not very huge, but of course it is worth to stroll its narrow streets. Our target, however, is the Trophée des Alpes (A; GPS: 43.744769, 7.401773), and we head there. On the way we pass the baroque church of St. Michael (Eglise Saint Michel) from the eighteenth century (B; GPS: 43.744793, 7.400924). The Trophée des Alpes is impressive. The admission is paid - ticket prices are 5.5€ (normal) and 4.5€ (reduced). More practical information can be found on the official website of the monument. Unfortunately we were there on Monday when the area was closed so we could not go inside and then we just filmed it from the outside.

The views of Monaco

Additionally you necessary should walk to the scenic overlook (C; GPS: 43.745540, 7.403543), to be able to enjoy beautiful views of the whole Monaco area along with the adjacent villages and a part of the Mediterranean Sea. You can see the Old Town with main buildings, for example the Prince Palace and the Oceanographic Museum, as well as the port of Hercules and Monte-Carlo district with a distinctive building of the casino.

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