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San Leo, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

San Leo is a small Italian town, interestingly perched on the rock, located in the province of Rimini, near San Marino and the Adriatic Sea in the region of Emilia-Romagna.

Parking in San Leo

To the town leads a narrow road. We pass through a miniature town center to park the car on the only possible parking lot at the Via Michele Rosa street (P; GPS: 43.897544, 12.343944).

The old town

In the center you can find the parish church of Santa Maria Assunta (A; GPS: 43.896690, 12.343000), which is the oldest building in the town. The creation date is estimated to be VIII or IX century.

We then go to the Cathedral of San Leo (B; GPS: 43.897104, 12.342550), built on solid rock at a time similar to the creation of the church of Santa Maria Assunta. As a building material was used sandstone and some elements from the Roman era. Literally a few meters from the cathedral is located a watchtower (C; GPS: 43.897502, 12.342485) from twelfth century, which was then rebuilt to the bell tower.

The parish church together with the cathedral and Romanesque tower form the town center. Among other buildings, located on the Dante Alighieri Square (D; GPS: 43.896485, 12.343311) you can find the Palazzo della Rovere (now the seat of the municipal authorities), Palazzo Nardini and the Palazzo Medici. You can also admire the fountain of San Francisco, built in 1893.

Outside the town was built a defensive fortress (E; GPS: 43.896934, 12.345929), which was to protect the citizens from attacks of enemies.

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